We're pleased to announce that our guild has returned under new leadership on the Warmane Server "Outland". We have a few TeamVC veterans and a lot of new faces.

Welcome to

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After 8 years of inactivity, I have decided to reboot our guild from Frostmane-Alliance/Nerzul-Horde. We have a few veteran TeamVC players joining us but are mainly a new team of players on the Private Server. Outland (Warmane). If you’d like a invite /w Solin or Skanktacular in game.

We that being said, welcome to our new homepage. We’ll be updating this on a regular schedule.

Main Tank of <Vicious Cycle>
Guild Master



Attumen: Killed
Mores: Killed
Maiden: Killed
Opera: Killed
Curator: Alive
Illhoof: Alive
Shade: Alive
Netherspite: Alive
Chess: Alive
Prince: Alive
Nightbane: Alive

Gruul’s Lair

High King: Alive
Gruul: Alive


Magtheridon: Alive